Interpretation of Bismi’llāhi ’r-Rahmāni ’r-Rahīmi

by Seeker

Interpretation of Bismi’llāhi ’r-Rahmāni ’r-Rahīmi
Shaikh `Abd al-Qādir al-Jailānī

Bismi’llāhi – The Solitary [al-Mutawahhid], the Unique [al-Mutafarrid], the Self-Sufficient [al-Mustaghnī bi-Dhāti-hi] who is independent of all the beings involved by means of His Names and His Attributes, the garments of occurrence and possibility.

’r-Rahmāni – For His servants whose external appearances are His Names and His Attributes, He has bestowed His Light upon them and extended His Shade toward them in their ways of life.

’r-Rahīmi – For them in their afterlife, He will deliver them from the darkness of the possibility expressed in the language of the Sacred Law as the Inferno [as-Sa`īr] and Hellfire [al-Jahīm], and He will guide them to the meadow of contentment and the garden of surrender.