Month: October, 2011

Imam Ahmed Rida: Tamhid e Iman (The Preamble to Faith)

by Seeker

The Preamble to Faith – A descriptive translation of the Urdu work

Tamhid e Iman by Alahazrat Imam Ahmed Rida Khan Baraylawi.

Right Click and Save – Download Here ::

Refutation of Dr. Tahir Minhaji by the ‘Ulama of Jami’a al-Ashrafiyya, Mubarakpur

by Seeker

A refutation of the deviant and deviator, Dr. Tahir Minhaji by the Ashrafiyya ‘Ulama of Mubarakpur, Hind.

It has been signed by three blessed Ulama of Mubarakpur, namely,

  1. Mawlana Ahmed al-‘Aazmi al-Misbahi hafidhulla
  2. Mufti Muhammad Nidham ud-Din al-Ridawi hafidhulla
  3. ‘Allama Yasin Akhtar al-Misbahi hafidhulla

Click the following link for the pdf, Ashrafiya Refutation

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