Major signs of the Last Day

by Seeker

Ten major signs of the Last Day as listed by Shaykh Yūsuf al-Nabahānī in his 100-page abridgement of Sayyid Muhammad b. `Abd al-Rasul al-Barzanjī’s 400-page al-Isha`a li-Ashrāt al-Sa`a are:
1. The emergence of the Masīh al-Dajjāl (preceded by that of al-Mahdī, upon him peace)
 2. The descent of `Īsā (upon him peace)
 3. The emergence of Yā’jūj and Mā’jūj (Gog and Magog)
 4. The ruin of Madīna which precedes the Day of Resurrection by 40 years.
 5. The destruction of the Ka`ba and theft of its adornments
 6. The rising of the sun from the West
 7. The emergence of the Beast
 8. The emergence of the Smoke
 9. A sweet wind will seize the lives of all the believers and spare only the unbelievers
 10. The Qur’ān will be lifted from the books and the hearts.