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excellence of ‘abdAllah ibn ‘abbas

by Seeker

Masrūq reports that ‘Abdullah bin Mas’ūd rađiyAllāhu ánhu once said,

If ‘Abdullah bin ‘Abbās rađiyAllāhu ánhu were our age, none of us would equal even a tenth of his knowledge.

Another narration adds that Abdullah bin Mas’ūd rađiyAllāhu ánhu said,

‘Abdullah bin ‘Abbās rađiyAllāhu ánhu is an exceptional commentator of the Qur’ân.[1]

Mujâhid reports that Abdullah bin Abbas rađiyAllāhu ánhu would be referred to as an ‘ocean’ because of the great amount of knowledge he possessed.[2]

Layth bin Abu Sufyan says that he once said to Taūs,

Why have you attached yourself to this youngster [Abdullah bin Abbas] as opposed to the senior companions rađiyAllāhu ánhum of the beloved Prophet śallAllāhu álayhi wa âlihi wa sahbihī wa sallam.

Taūs replied,

I have seen seventy Sahâba rađiyAllāhu ánhum who favoured the opinion of Abdullah bin Abbâs rađiyAllāhu ánhu when any difference of opinion arose.[3]

[1] Ibn Sa’ad, Tabaqât, vol. 4, pp. 181

[2] Ibn Sa’ad, Tabaqât, vol. 4, pp. 181

[3] Ibn Sa’ad, Tabaqât, vol. 4, pp. 181


nida-e ḥaqq – voice of truth

by Seeker

nida-e haqq

nida-e ḥaqq


the truth about a lie

by Seeker

The Truth About a Lie

authored by shaykh abū ĥasan

Praise be to Allāh taālā, the Lord of the worlds. Salutations and peace be upon our master Muĥammad, the prince of the worlds; and the leader of all prophets and messengers sent to guide the world. O Allāh! We ask thee to guide us to the truth and on the right path.

The most important thing a sensible and a wise person ought to do in these difficult times is to strive to save his own self from eternal hellfire. That is not possible, except by knowing the correct belief and true tawĥīd, as described and explained by leaders of the Ahlus Sunnah – scholars and pious gnostics among them.

These are times when people following the true creed and staunchly attesting to the right belief are at ebb; and the seas of ignorance swell. Falsehood is rampant and threatens to dominate; truth, the truthful and the righteous are under attack from every corner of the earth as waves of depravity gush with all force from all sides.

the meaning of ‘ahd and wa’d

by Seeker

It means:

– loyalty to the pact made on the Day of Promises and certainty in the Divine Promise that none dies on pure monotheism and belief in the next life except the Divine Promise of safety for them will be realized on the Day of Resurrection (Ibn Battal and Ibn Hajar, Sharh al-Bukhari and al-Khattabi as quoted in Subul al-Salam);

– my contract (`ahd) with You and my promise (wa`d) to You that I do and will ever believe in You and obey You. (al-Baghawi, Sharh al-Sunna; al-Munawi, al-Taysir Sharh al-Jami` al-Saghir).

The `Ahd of Allah is also His Qur’an, which contains His Wa`d.

The morning before Badr the Holy Prophet (upon him blessings and peace) kept saying: O Allah I ask you your `Ahd and Your Wa`d until Sayyīdina Abū Bakr (Allah be well-pleased with him) took him by the hand and they went out. And Allah knows best.

imam al-suyuti penned seven works defending the blessed parents of the Prophet upon him and them blessings and peace

by Seeker

In his Dibaj `ala Sahih Muslim (3:47) Imam al-Suyuti numbered at seven the works that he wrote defending the parents of the Prophet (upon him and them blessings and peace).

The following are all in print:

[1] al-Duruj al-Munifa fil-Aba’ al-Sharifa (“The Outstanding Entries Regarding the Noble Ancestors [of the Prophet]“);

[2-3] al-Fawa’id al-Kamina fi Iman al-Sayyida Amina wal-Ta`zim wal-Minna fi anna Abaway Rasulillah fil-Janna (“The Treasured Benefits Regarding the Muslim Belief of the Lady Amina [bint Wahb] and the Laudatory Gift That the Prophet’s Parents are in Paradise”);

[4] al-Maqamat al-Sundusiyya fil-Nisbat al-Mustafawiyya (“The Resplendent Stations Concerning the Prophetic Lineage”);

[5] Masalik al-Hunafa fi Waliday al-Mustafa (“Methods of Those With Pure Belief Concerning the Two Parents of the Prophet”) translated in the Encyclopedia of Islamic Doctrine (2:143-159);

[6] Nashr al-`Ilmayn al-Munifayn fi Ihya’ al-Abawayn al-Sharifayn (“The Proclamation of the Two Lofty Knowledges Regarding the Resuscitation of the Prophet’s Two Parents”);

[7] al-Subul al-Jaliyya fil-Aba’ al-`Aliyya (“The Manifest Paths on the Lofty Ancestors [of the Prophet]“), epitomized by Shaykh Yusuf al-Nabhani in Hujjat Allah `alal-`Alamin (pp. 413-421).

Major signs of the Last Day

by Seeker

Ten major signs of the Last Day as listed by Shaykh Yūsuf al-Nabahānī in his 100-page abridgement of Sayyid Muhammad b. `Abd al-Rasul al-Barzanjī’s 400-page al-Isha`a li-Ashrāt al-Sa`a are:
1. The emergence of the Masīh al-Dajjāl (preceded by that of al-Mahdī, upon him peace)
 2. The descent of `Īsā (upon him peace)
 3. The emergence of Yā’jūj and Mā’jūj (Gog and Magog)
 4. The ruin of Madīna which precedes the Day of Resurrection by 40 years.
 5. The destruction of the Ka`ba and theft of its adornments
 6. The rising of the sun from the West
 7. The emergence of the Beast
 8. The emergence of the Smoke
 9. A sweet wind will seize the lives of all the believers and spare only the unbelievers
 10. The Qur’ān will be lifted from the books and the hearts.

tamĥīd al-īmān [urdu]

by Seeker

tamĥīd al-īmān

authored by shaykh al-islām imām aḥmad razā


ajallā al-Iýlām anna’l Fatwā Muţlaqan álā Qawl al-Imām

by Seeker

ajallā al-Iýlām anna’l Fatwā Muţlaqan álā Qawl al-Imām

authored by shaykh al-islām imām aḥmad riĎā al-qādrī

sacchi tawbah [urdu]

by Seeker

sachi tawba

extracted from fatawah ar-ridawiyyah

walāyat ka âsān rāsta [urdu]

by Seeker

walāyat ka âsān rāsta

authored by shaykh al-islam imam ahmad riDa al-qadri

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